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Ciara Cremin

Ciara Cremin (she / her) teaches into the sociology programme at the University of Auckland, Aotearoa, where she also heads the Gender Studies programme. She has written on the ideological injunctions of late-capitalism in Capitalism’s New Clothes: Enterprise, Ethics and Enjoyment in Times of Crisis (2011, Pluto Press), consumerism in iCommunism (2012: Zer0 Books) and the end times in Totalled: Salvaging the Future from the Wreckage of Capitalism (2015, Pluto Press). She theorises trans otherness, androcentrism and femininity as negation in Man-Made Woman: The Dialectics of Cross-dressing (2017, Pluto Press) and The Future is Feminine: Capitalism and the Masculine Disorder (2021, Bloomsbury Academic).

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