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Generally, we seek to publish articles between 800 and 3,000 words. However, we are open to publishing longer-form essays of up to 10,000 words.

Send submissions here. We accept pitches and full articles and will attempt to respond to all inquiries. 

Submission Style Guide

What defines Sublation Magazine is its orientation toward the Left. We seek to bring together under one umbrella leftist journalism, commentary, social science, criticism, and theory. As such, our submission guidelines take the form of general guidance.

Submissions to Sublation Magazine should conform to American usage, in the sense that we adopt American as opposed to British spellings (for which please refer to the Merriam Webster dictionary, which is available online) and use of double rather than single quotations marks (with the closing quotation mark appearing after a period or comma). 

As our style guide generally, we follow the Chicago Manual of Style, the essentials of which are likewise available online. However, one major difference we mark with the CMOS is that, as an online publication, we prefer in-text hyperlinks to footnotes where possible. Authors should ONLY include printed sources as footnotes. Footnotes should follow the CMOS footnotes system.

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