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We live in a time of crisis. In recent years, we’ve been told that the left has been on the ascent. Yet, despite the popularity of “socialism” among a generation who came of age in the post-Cold War era, the political energy that characterized the 2000s and 2010s seems only to have bolstered capitalist politics to meet the crisis of neoliberalism. At the same time, the old guides and standbys no longer serve. Not only has the social democracy revival of the 2010s failed but the old leftist sects are dying off and the academic left is in crisis. Existing leftist publishing is often yoked to compromised organizations and historically exhausted projects. Something else is required.

The question that Sublation Magazine poses is whether the crisis of our time might yet prove an opportunity. How might this waste, this discontinuity, facilitate an active forgetting, an overcoming of the past? How to help make possible a new beginning for socialism or some credible heir to its aspirations? Attempting this demands spurning all thought taboos. Only then might we hope to sublate — to realize and overcome — the current impasse.

Sublation Magazine is open to publishing writing from both established and new writers. Sublation Magazine does not “platform,” much less endorse, what we publish. Rather, we seek to facilitate debate in hopes of educating ourselves and a new generation on the left.

Supporting Us

Doing this work requires support. We are neither the organ of a political party nor are we bankrolled by large donors. Neither the editorial board nor our writers are adequately recompensed. However, we aspire to change this. So, we hope that those who value this enterprise will consider supporting us. You can do this by sharing our articles, following our Twitter, subscribing to the Sublation Media YouTube channel, buying something from the shop, and purchasing the books published by Sublation Press. You can also support us directly via the Sublation Media Patreon page.

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