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Arturo Desimone

Arturo Desimone (1984) was born and raised on the island Aruba. At 22 he moved to the Netherlands and started exhibiting visual art after dropping out of a religious studies program. He later relocated to Argentina to research his Argentinean family background. His writing on politics and culture has appeared in CounterPunch, Compact, openDemocracy, El País Digital Argentina, and the Fortnightly Review, and DiEM25news. From 2018 to 2021 he was a co-founding member of the "Peace and International Policy" a subdivision of the "Democracy in the Europe Movement" which concerned itself with the movement's critiques of EU foreign policy and security issues.

He has recited his poems at international poetry festivals in Nicaragua, in Havana Cuba, Kairouan and Buenos Aires. Mare Nostrum / Costa Nostra (Hesterglock Press, 2019) a collection of poems appeared in the UK and the bilingual edition La Amada de Túnez/About a Lover from Tunisia, a travel diary about the Tunisian revolution told in poems, was published in Argentina and Southern Africa.

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