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Sublation Magazine Digital Collections


May 4, 2022

Sublation Magazine Digital Collections Alfie Bown 30 June 2023 We're pleased to announce that we're making monthly digital collections of our magazine articles available online for just £5/$6. In June, we published Psychoanalysis and ChatGPT , featuring articles from Zizek, Rousselle, Tewari, Teak-Gwang Lee and others. They debate what the emergence of AI means for conceptions of the unconscious and for the future of psychoanalysis. Today, we published the July issue Sublated Film , in which we collect the best of the magazine's contributions to film studies. It includes essays by Chris Cutrone, Conrad Hamilton and others. You can get the articles here and the money goes toward keeping the project going. However, we want to support all our readers, so if you are unable to purchase a copy you can write to me via the submissions page and I will send you a free copy.

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